Scouting Moms #6: My Cub Scouting Philmont Experience

SM Blog #6 fam pic

I currently serve as a ward Primary president. My wonderful calling gives me all of the blessings and challenges that I know so many other Primary presidents encounter. One of these blessings (or challenges) is Cub Scouting. During my service in the Primary I have seen our Cub Scout program bless boys and their families, […]

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Scouting Moms #5: Jamboree Jitters

Bird's eye view of the Summit Bechtel Reserve

    My oldest son went to his first national jamboree when he was 14 years old, and I had the jitters. There were plenty of reasons that going to a Scouting event far from home would make a mom like me nervous. For one thing, he started making plans to attend two full years […]

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Scouting Moms #5: It’s a New Cub Scouting Day

A Webelos Scout wears the new pins on his shirt.

Now that 2016 is in full swing, how’s your new Cub Scouting program going? Last year a freshly designed program was released after a major overhaul of the outgoing program. Improvements included adventure loops; incorporating the Scout Oath and Law while retiring the Cub Scout Promise and Law of the Pack; and a program designed […]

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Scouting Moms #4: Benefitting the BSA


I love Anne of Green Gables, the book by Canadian author Lucy M. Montgomery. One of my favorite quotes is from Matthew Cuthbert. Matthew and his sister, Marilla, a bachelor and spinster sibling pair with no children, are discussing whether or not it would be advisable to adopt orphaned Anne Shirley into their home. Naturally, […]

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Scouting Moms #3: Cub Scout Confusion

Sister Rosemary Wixom, Primary general president, poses with two Cub Scouts at Philmont, 2014

Sister Rosemary Wixom, Primary general president, poses with Cub Scouts Hyrum and Joseph Hammer at Philmont, 2014 I’ll never forget my first experience as a Cub Scout leader. I was asked to serve in the Bear den of our ward pack. Hesitantly, I accepted the assignment and then went home to tell my new husband […]

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Scouting Moms #2: Eagle Scouts—A Mother’s Perspective

Last February my second son received his Eagle Scout Award. A few weeks later, a post by BSA blogger Bryan Wendell about Eagle Scout rankings cited Utah as the state which produced the most Eagle Scouts in 2014, “Thanks in large part to the strong support Scouting receives from the LDS Church there.” (Read all […]

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Scouting Moms #1: Boy Scouting – From a Girl’s Perspective


On February 8, 2016, the Boy Scouts of America will celebrate its 106th birthday. Founded in 1907 in England by Robert Baden-Powell, the Scouting movement was established on the belief that boys could be taught character through outdoor activities conducted under the guidance of a Scoutmaster. American publisher William Boyce brought Scouting to the United […]

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Scouting Moms and Scouting Spouses: Time to Share!


“There is value in having women’s voices influence Scouting. It is often the mothers who make Scouting happen and help their sons through the process,” (“A Conversation with Sister Rosemary Wixom,” May 22, 2014). I was with Sister Wixom in 2014 when she made this statement. And I believe it. Women influence Scouting. Just as […]

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Cub Scout Christmas

Tanner and Family

“Tanner, you have a Scout meeting this afternoon,” reminded Mom as Tanner walked into the kitchen after school. “I don’t really feel like going,” Tanner muttered. He dropped his backpack on the floor and flopped onto a chair. “But l thought you liked Cub Scouts,” Mom said as she handed him a snack. “I don’t […]

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God Answers Prayers Through a Righteous, Dedicated Scoutmaster

Young Family

From the time Crystal was a little girl she prayed for her future husband. “As a child, I remember asking Heavenly Father to help guide my future husband and bless him to make righteous decisions,” she recalled. When Crystal was 23 years old, she met and married her husband, Jeffrey Young. He was 10 years […]

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