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Are you a Scout leader or a ward or stake leader with Scouting responsibilities? These helpful summaries can assist you in magnifying your calling. Are you new to Scouting? The LDS-BSA website is here to help you get off to a great, easy start. Select the group of Scouts that you’re a leader over, or the ward or stake position in which you have Scouting responsibilities.

Pack (Primary)

Cub Scouts are boys ages 8 through 10 who belong to dens according to their age. The dens form what is called a pack. A boy turning 8 starts out in the Wolf den. He moves into the Bear den at age 9, although in some small packs he may remain in a combined Wolf/Bear den. When he turns 10 he joins the Webelos den. Cub Scouts in the Webelos den work toward earning the Arrow of Light Award, the highest rank in Cub Scouting.

Cub Scouts

Eleven-Year-Old Scouts (Primary)

When a boy turns eleven (a year before he becomes a deacon) he graduates from Cub Scouts and joins the ward’s Boy Scout troop. He participates in a separate patrol from the deacon-age Boy Scouts because he is not yet a part of the deacons quorum. He will primarily work on requirements needed to earn the ranks of Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class Scout.

Eleven-Year-Old Scouts

Troop (Deacons Quorum)

At age 12 a boy moves into the patrol for deacon-age Scouts (for boys ages 12 and 13). He continues working on rank requirements and earning merit badges as he works toward advancing to the rank of Eagle Scout.

Boy Scouts

Team (Teachers Quorum)

A Scout in the teachers quorum (boys ages 14 and 15) joins the Varsity team. He continues to move up in rank and complete merit badges as he works toward becoming an Eagle Scout. A Scout must advance through the ranks of Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, and Life before he can become an Eagle Scout.

Varsity Scouts

Crew (Priests Quorum)

A boy turning 16 (in the priests quorum) who is registered as a Venturer may continue working on rank advancement and completing the requirements to earn the 21 merit badges needed to become an Eagle Scout. He must complete all the Eagle Scout requirements before his eighteenth birthday.


Ward Leaders

Looking for ways to help out the Scouting leaders and Scouts in your ward? Help give your Scout leaders the guidance they need to succeed.

Ward Leaders

Stake Leaders

Make the Scouting programs in your stake as successful as possible by reviewing our resources for stake leaders.

Stake Leaders

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