Cub Scouts Team (Teachers Quorum)

Please remember that the Church will continue to support the Varsity program until December 31, 2017.

Team (Teachers Quorum)

The ward’s Varsity team consists of the fourteen- and fifteen-year-old young men who are in the teachers quorum. A Varsity team uses the five fields of emphasis to plan a balanced program for the team members. These are: Advancement in Scouting,  High Adventure/Sports, Personal Development, Service, and Special Programs and Events. The Varsity Scout continues to move up in rank and complete merit badges as he works toward becoming an Eagle Scout.

Become an Official Scout Leader

To read quotes from Church leaders about the necessity of registering immediately click here:  Church Policies Concerning BSA Adult Registration.

“All adult Scouting leaders must be properly registered and must complete Youth Protection training before beginning their service.” LDS Scouting Handbook, 8.5.

Complete the following two items and return the adult application and the Youth Protection certificate to the team committee chair.

  1. Fill out the Adult Application at or pick one up at your BSA local council office
  2. Complete Youth Protection Training at

    Note: You do not have to be a registered member or have a member ID to take Youth Protection training.                   Youth Protection training is required for all leaders in LDS units prior to submitting the adult application.

    • To take Youth Protection training go to and create an account.
    • From the portal, click on E-Learning and take the Youth Protection training.
    • Upon completion of Youth Protection training, print the training certificate and give it, along with your completed adult application, to the troop committee chair (to be submitted to the BSA local council office).

When your Adult Application has been approved by the BSA, you will be issued a BSA member ID number (your committee chair should be able to tell you what it is). After you know your member ID number, log back into Find your name in the upper right-hand corner. Click on the silhouette next to your name. Then click on  “Legacy MyScouting.” Click on “Continue to Legacy MyScouting.” Sign in with your username and password (if requested). Click on My Profile. Update the system by inputting your ID number. This will link your Youth Protection training records (and any other training records in  to your BSA membership.

Take BSA Varsity Leader Fast Start Training to Prepare for Your First Meeting

  • To take Varsity Leader Fast Start training go to > Home (upper left corner) > My Dashboard > Training Center > Venturing and Varsity > Varsity Leader Fast Start > Take Course

Required Training for Your Position

REQUIRED TRAINING: Once you have finished Fast Start training, you are ready to learn more about your duties and responsibilities as a leader in the team. Some training is only offered live and other training is available online at –> Training –> E-Learning.

To find out what training is required for most Scouting positions,  click on the BSA’s “Trained Leader Requirements: Unit and Other Positions.”

  • Leader-specific training for your position: to be completed ASAP

o    Varsity Coach Leader Specific Training: This is a live course (approximately 6 hours) presented by your district or council. If your district is not offering this course in the next month or two, check the council calendar for the next available course that is within a reasonable distance. The training is the same throughout the BSA and you may take the course in any district or council.

o    Varsity Vision Training: This is an overnight BSA training, which can be used in place of Leader-Specific Training. Its unique features include: the outdoor setting, activities based in the Five Fields of Emphasis, Varsity Scouts and adult leaders (Varsity Scout coaches, assistant coaches, committee members) are trained together, and the training is lead by experienced Varsity Scouts. The Varsity Scouts learn to run their own program and the adults learn to mentor the young men. See your district or council calendars for available courses or click here to view the syllabus.  To view a Varsity Vision promotional Video click here.

o    Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills: This is an overnight training required for all Varsity team Coaches and assistant Coaches (although it is also useful for any adults who are registered with the team). This is a live training experience, and if it is not offered within the next few months in your district, check the council calendar and take it in a nearby district or council.

o    Team Committee Challenge: This course is required for all team committee members. This is a live training experience and if it is not offered within the next few months in your district, check the council calendar and take it in a nearby district or council.

What’s Next


  • The Varsity huddle (roundtable) is a district adult training event held on a monthly or quarterly basis, normally at the same time as other district roundtables. Included at a huddle are discussions about strengthening units in the five fields of emphasis, ways to train Varsity team youth leadership and project managers, topics found in Varsity Team Program Features, and recruiting advisers for project managers. At the Varsity huddle you meet other Varsity team Coaches and share ideas, opportunities, and ways to successfully implement the five fields of emphasis.


SUPPLEMENTAL TRAINING:      To take these and many other online training courses go to > Home > My Dashboard > Training Center > Other > Supplemental Training.

  • Planning and Preparing for Hazardous Weather:   This training is required for at least one leader who is going with your unit on an outing or activity. The course is online and must be repeated every two years. The training takes about 40 minutes to complete and is both age-appropriate and recommended for all adult leaders and for youth in Boy Scout troops, Varsity Scout teams, and Venturing crews.
  • Safe Swim Defense: Required by at least one leader (preferably all adults) on outings involving activities that include swimming or wading in water over knee deep. The course is online and must be repeated every two years.
  • Safety Afloat: Required by at least one adult on outings involving more than just swimming (boating, tubing, waterskiing, and so on). The course is online and must be repeated every two years.



Wood Badge is Scouting’s premier training course. It was designed by Lord Baden-Powell to enable Scouters to learn the skills and methods of Scouting; it is “learning by doing.” Those attending the course are divided into patrols consisting of about eight adults. The patrols form a troop.  The entire troop lives in the out-of-doors for a week (or for two weekends), practicing Scouting skills, such as fire-building, camping, cooking, tying knots and lashes, and so on.

Many councils offer a “Sunday-friendly” course, over two weekends from Thursday through Saturday. This allows leaders in LDS units and other religious organizations to return home on Saturday night so they can attend their regular Sunday services.

Charles W. Dahlquist, former Young Men president, had this to say about the value of Wood Badge:

“If we are really intent in touching the lives of our young men. . . then we will do whatever is necessary to help us to accomplish that—including getting trained. For most of us, Wood Badge is life-changing because it has to do more with vision and understanding this great tool for strengthening young men of the Aaronic Priesthood than anything else (“The Importance of Wood Badge Training,” LDS Relationships Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 1, February 2007).  To view the entire article, click here.

To learn more about Wood Badge training and how you can attend, contact your local council office or check your council’s website.

Learn More About Varsity Scouting

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