Varsity Blog #3: What I wish I knew as a Varsity Team Coach

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Guilt, 然而, is not. As I look back over a seven-year period during which I twice served as either a Varsity Team Coach or an assistant Varsity Team Coach, I can reflect on many of the wonderful experiences and accomplishments of the young men in our team. These included many […]


Varsity Blog #2: Continuity, Sustainability, and the LDS Scout Unit

Have you ever wondered how to keep a Varsity (or Boy Scouting or Venturing) program running smoothly for long periods of time—years, maybe decades? When I sayrunning smoothly,” 我, 答案是肯定的,mean a program that consistently builds character and leadership within the young men, preparing them for a life of meaningful service. If your experience […]


Varsity Blog #1: Learn the Varsity Method for LDS Teams—Live the Philmont Dream

“Dad, can we come back here next year? This was the best family vacation ever!” The Philmont Training Center doesn’t claim to be a Disney vacation, but Varsity Scouters and their families discover that even more fun, learning, adventure, and “together time” can happen at the Philmont Training Center (referred to as PTC). And when […]


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