LDS-BSA大露营新闻 #2 – 它从下周!

下周数以万计的年轻男女和他们的领导人将在贝克利附近的峰会德尔储备到达, 西弗吉尼亚州的 2017 全国童子军大会. 在那里时, 他们将有机会参加泛舟, 射击运动, 水肺潜水, 拉链线, 小轮车和山地车, and many other activities including three booths sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Stan Child, the Co-Chair for the LDS exhibit explained that “Scouts can expect to see an excellent exhibit in the Duty to God and Country Pavilion about our belief in the Savior Jesus Christ, 但更重要的是, they will feel the Savior’s love for them, both during the Jamboree and long after the event.

The exhibit has been tailored to help Scouts of all faiths feel the Spirit and connect them to heaven as they learn where they came from, why they are here and where they are going after this life. All visitors to the exhibit will also have an opportunity to earn the 2017 大露营罗盘奖. The liahona shaped award is inscribed with the wordsDecisions determine destiny”. This award can only be earned in person at the Jamboree and will be a wonderful keepsake to help the visitors to the exhibit remember the spirit they felt as they learned important gospel truths. Preview the requirements 在这里.

In addition to the exhibit, Scouts will learn why family is so important in this world as they visit the Family Life merit badge area. Here they will learn that strong family ties help strengthen us against the pressures of our day. The Genealogy merit badge area will also provide Scouts the opportunity to connect with family members, as they learn about the importance of Family History. This experience will provide them a lasting feeling of the important nature of family.

On Sunday, July 23rd, everyone at the Jamboree is invited to attend LDS Sacrament Meeting that will be held at the AT&T Arena where Elder Jeffrey R. 荷兰, of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, will be the guest speaker.

Throughout the Jamboree we will be posting daily photos and stories featuring LDS Scouts and Scouters and their experiences at Jamboree. Please follow along on the following social media streams:

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-罗布Newbould是他独特的捕捉光线和色彩弯曲能力着称的获奖摄影师. 他爱上第一个爱上拍照的摄影成就徽章的童子军工作时. This led to a lifelong career in the photo industry and a passion for telling the story of scouting through his images. 罗布住在克利尔菲尔德, 犹他州和服务于他的股份的青年男子主席. 此外, 他是NYLT协调员陷印步道理事会. 罗布是鹰级童子军和银色海狸收件人. 在这些部落格留言中表达的意见只是那些作者.

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  1. Bruno 卡斯特 说:

    As Boy Scout in my youth was in the first Jamboree I participated that I get hooked and see scouting bigger than ourselves and the ultimate purpose of the founder Baden Powell to bring people together and promote peace and understanding between different people, who carried the same principles trough scouting values.
    I recommend everyone to attend or visit a least one time in their life time to experience it.
    But also I like to remember the real miracles in changing life’s will always be in our home troops with a strong program and leadership.
    All those great events are great and it’s like a Conference, will bust our scouting spirit and give a great lift up, but it’s fundamental for the ones who attend, to bring it back to their home troops and sharing it .
    BSA National Jamboree it’s very organized and it’s a dream like Disney for kids ;also for adults, but with a greater purpose than just having fun.
    Or in other words it’s a Great Game with a greater purpose! 玩得愉快!


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