侦察专业人士和志愿者,从国家局和 15 议会拉伸从夏威夷到佛蒙特州,聚集在盐湖城, 犹他州, 3 月 29 through March 31st for the LDS-BSA Relationships Seminar. 举办每年四月, 在为期三天的活动与耶稣基督后期圣徒教会的大会一致.

本次研讨会的目的是通过教会有更深的了解,加强LDS-BSA关系. 受邀者包括安理会主要-3, LDS-BSA关系委员会主席, 和侦察许多信仰的专业人士. 与会者参观关键教会设施, 从教堂和侦察领导人听到, 并出席大会的两会.

“We specifically invite council Scout executives and their LDS-BSA counterparts,解释说:”马克·弗朗西斯, LDS BSA 的关系主任. The purpose of the seminar is to provide Scouters with a vision of why and how The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints uses Scouting. There is a tremendous interest in understanding how Scouting functions to support the purposes of the Aaronic Priesthood.”

The opening event was a Thursday evening training session at the Church Office Building with Brother Stephen W. 欧文, 年轻男子一般总统. “After I was called as Young Men General President in April 2015, I attended my first BSA National Annual Meeting,” he shared. “I immediately felt a tremendous love, 关注, and unity for all of you. We feel that our belief in God allows us to truly look at each other as brothers and sisters.” Brother Owen then explained Church leadership hierarchy, the upcoming Solemn Assembly at general conference, and the Articles of Faith. “One thing we have in common within Scouting and the Church is that we all care deeply for our youth. Caring causes us to serve. We’ve had a partnership for over 100 年, and it’s blessed many, many lives.”

大姐喜悦d. Jones and Sister Lisa Harkness of the Primary General Presidency were also in attendance. Sister Jones addressed the group during the evening, sharing a story about touring a mine in Wales during a recent visit there. Brother Owen’s and Sister Jones’ comments set the tone for the weekend.

The Thursday evening training was “especially helpful to the BSA professionals and volunteers that are not Mormon,” shared Brett Rustand, Catalina Council Board President. “The discussion was an ‘LDS 101’ type of training.”

Participants gathered again early Friday morning and traveled to the Missionary Training Center in Provo. Attendees of non-LDS faiths toured the MTC and learned more about the specific training young missionaries receive before going out into the world. President Rolf thanked the visitors for what they do in Scouting that specifically prepares young men to serve missions for the Church. “I have five Eagle Scouts,” he shared. “My wife and I love Scouting and appreciate what you’re doing.”

“Observe the missionaries you see today,” encouraged MTC Coordinator Spencer Christensen. “This is an intense experience, but observe how happy the missionaries are.”


“The most beneficial experience of the weekend was visiting the Missionary Training Center and seeing the classrooms, meeting and talking with the students and teachers, as well as seeing how fluent some of the students are with the languages, specifically Thai and Japanese,” wrote Bernard Brault, Montana Council district executive.

LDS participants enjoyed a tour of Brigham Young University, including the famed Broadcasting Building. 然后, both groups gathered at the Wilkinson Center for a refreshing taste of BYU Creamery ice cream while they enjoyed a session on LDS-BSA Relationships from Mark Francis.

“教会和BSA之间的关系上可以追溯到 100 年,”教兄弟弗朗西斯. “与BSA教会伙伴关系是一个祝福,相对较新的组织侦察. 另外, the willingness of the BSA to accept the Church as a chartered partner during a time when there was not a favorable view of Mormons was also an act of goodwill. 统, 我们要解决的最棘手的问题,并找到解决所有人受益的能力。”

He asked participants to download the Gospel Library App to allow easy access to the (绿色) 手册由教会提供的侦察. “有应用程序是令人难以置信的工具之一,它可以帮助你建立关系,并与LDS社区连接,”评论弗朗西斯哥.

“The most beneficial experience I had during the weekend was Mark Francis’ presentation about how Scouting helps accomplish the aims of the priesthood and the LDS Church,” commented Elisa Corry, Denver Area Council district director. “Continued communication about changes on both sides and how to best distribute that information is always appreciated.”

Brad Harris, 教授休闲管理系, also spoke to the group and introduced students who are interested in pursuing a profession with the BSA.

福利广场的旅游是当天的另一大亮点. “The tour of the facilities and explanation of the various happenings and production of the foods was eye opening,” observed Bernard Brault.


周末期间,与会者还有机会参观了家族历史图书馆, 教会历史博物馆, 并在寺广场的其他场馆.

Friday evening the group enjoyed dinner at the Lion House. Sister Joy Jones and Sister Bonnie Cordon of the Primary General Presidency joined them. Mark and Joann Pendleton and Robert Heyn from the Young Men General Board were also in attendance.

Sister Cordon spoke to the group and invited them to join her in reciting the Scout Oath and Scout Law. “It’s important to remember our intent as we interact with and build young people,” she taught.

After a group picture on the steps of the Church Administration Building, participants divided to enjoy various Temple Square venues for the rest of the evening.

上周六在出席组大会在会议中心早市. While waiting for conference to begin Sister Cordon graciously visited with participants.

Saturday meals included visits and remarks from Young Men General Presidency counselors Douglas D. 福尔摩斯和M. 约瑟夫·布罗.

During the Saturday afternoon meal Brother Brough shared, “There is a boy crisis in our nation. There is nothing like a 50 miler to prepare a young man for the MTC experience.” He continued, “My memories of Scouting are relationships. It’s not about the merit badges. It’s about the opportunity for good men and women to influence young men to be better than they think they can be.” He concluded by thanking those in attendance. “We love the BSA and our dear prophets do, 太. We love you and we appreciate you.”

After attending the priesthood session of conference, the seminar concluded and participants traveled home.

“The most moving experience of the weekend for me was touring Welfare Square,” commented Jon Yates, Capitol Area Council Scout executive. “I also appreciated the one-on-one time with one of my council’s key LDS leaders.”

“This experience gives me a great opportunity to go back to my own council and share my experiences with my LDS volunteers,” concluded Ken Tucker, Catalina Council Scout Executive. “They will really appreciate that I took the time to learn more about the LDS faith.”

供稿人:内蒂^ h. Francis

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