LDS风险投资博客 #3: 学习, 法案, 分享



I want to keep this blog entry simple and easy. But with that being said, I hope that each of you associated with the Venturing program will look at the myriad of ways you can incorporate these three words seamlessly into your program: 学习, 法案, Share.

Be creative, innovative, and daring! Think about the manner the Savior taught during His earthly ministry. Think about the “new” curriculum format the Church is using with our youth (“Teaching the Gospel In The Savior’s Way (A Guide to Come. 跟我来: Learning Resources for Youth” [2012], available at Now—go for the brass ring! Stretch out, and using your best judgements and decisions, do something! I don’t have all the answers, but I have a few ideas that you can use as seeds to help you. As time progresses and I review the various responses, comments, and ideas from you, I’ll work them into future blogs as a way to share with everyone. It’s that R&D (Rip-off & Duplicate) I mentioned in an earlier blog.

The Lord has commanded, “Let every man learn his duty, 和在他负责的办事处采取行动, 在所有的尽职调查" (D&C 107:99).



We are always learning things. Much of this learning is accomplished through “experiential-venturing”. Cool, huh. Adapting a well-known scriptural phrase: we “Go and Do,” and then report back on what we did. 在教会里, our Venturing youth have the opportunity to learn correct principles through the “new” teaching process mentioned above, called “Come, 跟我来,” or teaching in the Savior’s way. We have been asked to teach as the Savior taught. For more details on this process, I encourage you to visit these Church websites:郎 = 金英, 和 在救主的教学方式.

我们每个人的学习方式不同的事情. 有些人最好通过阅读书籍, 其他人通过观察学习, 和其他人一样在团队中工作. 在冒险, 我们力争用了很多场馆的学习和教授. 我们学会把我们的职责,上天入我们的日常生活中,并使其不仅仅是一个星期天的事件更. 一位童子军领队声明, “我们的许多年轻人不必与他人联系的机会. 他们没有浓郁的亲情, 他们可能不会交朋友容易, 或者没有很好适应学校. 侦察提供了一个氛围,让这些年轻人能适应与同行. 我们的领导人尝试做各种各样的活动感兴趣的所有青年. 这些领导人教通过实例“。

为了学习, 我们需要知道我们教什么. 这意味着我们需要得到培训! 是啊, 我知道这需要时间和精力, 但我要问你们每个人, “是不是这些年轻人值得这个时间和精力的生活?”我们参加要想在教会各种培训会议,以履行我们的任务,以尽我们的能力. 很好, 我们应该硬着头皮做相同的冒险! 让我分享一下BSA目前正在帮助使这一切培训的一个部分更容易. 在这个时间点风险投资正在细化 (即. 简化) 在风险投资顾问职位专门培训. 是啊, 这是真理. 它尚未完成, 但它很快将适用于所有参加用户友好的和短的时间周期格式此次培训. 我不知道何时会推出, 但它是未来. 敬请关注!


  1. 你如何学习?
  2. 如何做你的合作者学习?


现在是时候来移动你的脚! 根据圣经, 这是尼的声明: “我会去这样做” (1 腓 3:7). 风险投资已经被设计为面向行动. 这不是程序的讲座类型; 这是 计划为这些大龄青年. 商业软件联盟已经比我可以更好地说明这: “冒险是有目的的冒险. 它促进对服务的积极态度,同时帮助年轻人培养友情和领导能力,以及最重要的是有乐趣! 这是关于做一些事情。”我们希望我们的风险投资,开发通过行动领导能力. 合营通过学习冒险和服务项目带动战略. 他们开发自力更生作为自己在做什么技能完善和强化. 他们是 冒险. 这不是静态的; 它是行动!

LDS风险投资的这部分,你去把这些原则在教会学, 家, 学校, 或是其他地方,, 并把这些原则付诸行动. 服务项目, 天长, STEM事件, 青年会议, 和“做硬的东西”只是一些方面,我们采取行动. 风险投资为我们提供了机会,在生活艰难的事情, 增加信心, 并为未来做准备. 教会帮助通过其基于Web的发展做出了所有的青春这有点容易 青少年活动页面. 这是一个已经被开发,以造福于教会的青年资源. 你不 ’ t 要重新发明轮子. 这一切都在你身边. How will you act? Click on the “Browse Ideas” button under “Plan with a Purpose” for ideas. It’s just that simple.


  1. What do the Venturers want to do?
  2. How are you going to “Do Venturing”?



Since its inception Venturing has been all about learning new things, experiencing them, and then helping to teach others what you have learned. The Venturer gets the opportunity to “give back.” This is more than just going out and doing a single service project; it’s designed to be an integral part of the Venturer’s life. We see the personal growth and development of the Venturing youth when they get to share the excitement of Venturing with others. In a spiritual sense, this is also a time for reflection and the sharing of testimonies. Being around a campfire and staring up at the stars can provide an excellent opportunity for the sharing of testimonies, both verbally and through the spirit, as well as sharing the inner feelings about the day’s experiences. Sharing is a time for all to “be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10).


  1. How do you as a Venturing leader of youth “share” Venturing?
  2. Venturing is Priesthood in Action—How are you sharing this with other youth and adults?

As a final “help” for all, I encourage you to re-readHelp the Young Men,” found in 履行我对上帝的责任: 斯密持有人.


戴维·威尔逊一直积极参与了“90年代自成立以来回冒险. 他致力于努力加强桥梁和去除教会,为教会老年轻男子BSA之间发生的墙壁. 大卫继续努力祝福,并通过他在风险投资的多层次参与服务 (从国家到地方议会). 目前,他呼吁奥勒姆, 犹他州的家. 此消息中表示的意见只是那些作者.

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