Mac ’ s 消息 #25: 服务于教你的男孩

Mac 麦金太尔

Mac 麦金太尔

高于一切侦察应该是一个服务组织. 在童军誓言中一名年轻男子承诺尽他所能履行他对上帝和国家的职责. He also promises to “help other people at all times.” The Scout slogan reminds a boy to “do a good turn 日报.” Service to God, 国家, and one’s fellow man is paramount to the Scouting program.

Service also is the focus of the priesthood of God. Everything a young man does in the Aaronic Priesthood is designed to teach him to unselfishly lose himself in service to others. Through assignments in quorum leadership, home teaching, collecting fast offerings, administering ordinances, 传教, and fellowshipping, a boy learns to reach out to others and assist those who “stand in need of comfort” (摩赛亚 18:9). The duty of a young priesthood holder is “to warn, 阐述了, 劝, and teach, and invite all to come unto Christ” (D&C 20:59). Doing so requires him to freely give of himself.

Both the Aaronic Priesthood and Scouting in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have been established to teach boys to serve. Self-sacrificing service is an enduring attribute that will benefit a young boy throughout his life. It is the template of how he should conduct himself as a friend, 传教士, 大学生, 员工, 丈夫, 父亲, and adult priesthood leader.

Your Scouting program should give boys ample opportunities to serve. Young men can serve by faithfully fulfilling their priesthood responsibilities. They can serve their 国家 by performing as an honor guard for flag ceremonies at civic meetings, working crowd control at community events, placing flags on graves of veterans in national cemeteries, assisting in community improvement efforts, building trails at state and national parks, and by learning about our system of government and their responsibilities as citizens and future voters. Young men serve their fellow man when they ease the burden of those who need assistance. Merit badges provide the skills boys need to help the homeless, the sick, the weary, the widowed, the downtrodden, the displaced—all those who could benefit from a unified force of physically strong, 弱智醒, and morally straight young men.

I hope you see the connection between my weekly messages. Your boys should recite the Scout Oath, 法律, 座右铭, and slogan weekly so they are constantly reminded of their duty to serve others (Mac ’ s 消息 #20). They should be prepared with an annual calendar that includes planned service opportunities (#21). Service to others will require boys to leave the comfort of their homes, to get outside, to go where they are needed (#22). Once planned, these service projects should be carried out as scheduled and never canceled, even if only a few boys show up (#23). The few faithful boys may have to work twice as hard to cover for those who failed to do their duty, but they will feel the joy and satisfaction that comes when one has pushed himself to do hard things (#24).

I encourage you to provide your boys with numerous opportunities to serve. I hope service to others is a priority in your Aaronic Priesthood and Scouting programs. Merit badges and rank advancement teach boys knowledge, but service to others provides wisdom in the things that matter most. "我告诉你这些事情,你们可能学习智慧; 这样你们就可以知道当你们是服务于你的同胞你们是只在你神的服务" (摩赛亚 2:17).



  • Do you understand the service implications of the Scout Oath, 法律, 座右铭, 和口号?
  • Do you actively seek out “those who stand in need?” (母校 34:28).
  • Do you plan 每月 service projects with your boys?
  • Do you diligently serve alongside your boys and never shirk responsibility to “help other people at all times?”
  • Have you and your boys felt the joy that comes when you willingly give of yourself to others?



  • 你会开始做什么, 停止做, 或做得更好,因为你的倒影?

“We are now moving into an era when we need to have young men with strong spiritual strength who will stand up and teach with conviction the principles of the gospel. This will come about through a righteous home environment and activities in the quorum, 包括侦察, which build character. Boys should be engaged in service projects, work projects, and experiences where they can learn the principles of sacrifice and work. This will help prepare these young men for their foreordained responsibilities in the kingdom” (以斯拉记夫森, 埃兹拉·塔夫脱·本森的教导, p. 221).


-Mac 麦金太尔是专用的童军称颂许多人的生命,通过他的服务和急性对侦查程序的理解. 他目前住在拉斯维加斯, 内华达州. 此消息中表示的意见只是那些作者.

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