Mac ’ s 消息 #76: LDS侦察的割不断的联系到教士

Mac 麦金太尔

Mac 麦金太尔

对于75周我对LDS-BSA关系博客消息被精雕细琢,试图说服该教会的年轻人提供了一个优质的侦察经验值的成人亚伦圣职和侦察领袖. I particularly had hoped these leaders would see the imperative connection of using Scouting experiences as a significant means to achieve the eight purposes of the Aaronic Priesthood.

对我来说, Scouting is the perfect vehicle to give boys spiritual, conversion-promoting experiences that bring them closer to Jesus Christ so they will want to live His teachings. Scouting offers a laboratory for boys to magnify their priesthood duties, especially in providing meaningful service to others. 侦察员座右铭, “Be Prepared”, is a constant reminder that young men need to prepare themselves to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood, make temple covenants, serve an honorable full-time mission, and become a worthy husband and father. The educational experiences of earning merit badges and rank advancements teach boys to study hard, persevere, and achieve worthwhile goals, such as the goal of obtaining as much education as possible. And the twelve values espoused in the Scout Law are those a young man should emulate as he interacts with others, especially women, 女孩, 和儿童.

然而, far too frequently I still hear reports of local Church leaders who say, “We don’t do Scouting; we do priesthood things instead.” I also hear about leaders who purposely separate their Scouting activities from their priesthood activities, confining priesthood to Sunday and Scouting to one night per week and an occasional campout. Somehow they have not yet gained an appreciation—or testimony—of the inseparable value of Scouting and the priesthood. They apparently have not learned that LDS Scouting is all about priesthood. In reality there is no Scouting program in the Church; there is only an Aaronic Priesthood program that uses Scouting experiences as its “activity arm.”

I hope that adult Aaronic Priesthood leaders are helping the young men in their quorums to have quality priesthood experiences. I also hope they are equally concerned about helping the young men to have quality Scouting experiences that consciously tie every Scouting activity, 郊游, principle, and practice to priesthood purposes. I hope adult leaders are inspiring their boys to feel as eager to be ordained to a priesthood office as they are to obtain a Scouting rank, or vice versa. I hope they teach their boys that they should feel as proud wearing their Scout uniform as they do their missionary white shirt, or vice versa. I hope the boys are eagerly involved in planning and leading their Scouting activities, as this is great preparation for planning their days, 周, and months in the mission field. I hope the boys want to do the hard things in Scouting, knowing they will be required to do hard things as future Melchizedek Priesthood holders, 传教士, 大学生, 丈夫, 和父亲.

When I was four-years-old, my grandmother crocheted for me a pair of slippers. When she gave them to me I was in a bad mood and I rejected her gift, throwing the slippers down on the floor as I stormed off. That was almost sixty years ago and I still feel horrible for rejecting such a precious gift from my loving grandmother. I believe Scouting is a precious gift from a loving Father in Heaven to his precious young men. My hope is that every adult Young Men leader in the Church would be in the proper mood (Spirit) to receive this Scouting gift and implement it fully. I hope none would reject Scouting and “storm off” to do the Lord’s priesthood program some other way.

Scouting has been accepted by modern-day prophets because they see how it can contribute to nurturing strong young men of character who exemplify Christlike qualities as they fulfill their Aaronic Priesthood duties. I pray that we will help our boys to “come unto Christ, and be perfected in him” (莫罗尼 10:32) by providing quality priesthood and Scouting experiences that are inseparably connected, as they should be. I know that the quality of our boys—future priesthood leaders in the Church—is determined by the quality of our leadership and the faithful fulfillment of our stewardship over them. May the Lord bless each of us in our Scouting effort!



  • Do you understand the important connection between the Scouting and Aaronic Priesthood programs?
  • Do you see how Scouting is a vehicle to accomplish the eight Purposes of the Aaronic Priesthood?
  • Are you conducting the Lord’s program for your young men rather than some other way?
  • Are you providing a quality Scouting experience for your young men?
  • Do you have a testimony of both the Aaronic Priesthood program and the Scouting program?


  • 你会开始做什么, 停止做, 或做得更好,因为你的倒影?

“对于我的想法是不是你的想法, 也不是你的方式我的方式, 耶和华说,. 对于天怎样高过地, 所以我的道路,比你高的方法, and my thoughts than your thoughts. So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it” (以赛亚书 55: 8-9, 11).


-Mac 麦金太尔是专用的童军称颂许多人的生命,通过他的服务和急性对侦查程序的理解. 他目前住在拉斯维加斯, 内华达州. 此消息中表示的意见只是那些作者.

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  1. David Ripplinger 说:

    Amen to that! Thanks for all the inspiring and educational messages, Mac!

  2. JD 说:

    好文章! Are you back for some more? I have missed some great articles, like this, from time to time.

    1. Mac 麦金太尔 说:

      I will be writing more articles occasionally when I have time. I have greatly missed writing them. I feel somewhat disconnected from LDS Scouting now that I don’t have a weekly article to write.

  3. Michael 说:

    I hope that adult Aaronic Priesthood leaders are helping the young men in their quorums to have quality priesthood experiences.

    I felt privileged to bless the Sacrament when I was a teenager; twice each Sunday back in 1970 左右. Beyond that I have no memory of a quality priesthood experience. 另一方面, I have vivid memories of my Scouting experiences. It was Explorer Scouting that gave me a new and meaningful direction in my young life. Boy Scouts wasn’t much fun since the troop was nearly constantly disrupted by boys that didn’t want to be there. 仍, I remember two camping trips with the troop (including a snipe hunt).


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