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我的名字叫 William 比尔 · 布莱森和我目前担任远东局理事会主席, 这是总部设在日本, 为童子军和 Scouters 在日本提供 BSA 的程序, 冲绳岛, 韩国, 泰国, 台湾, 和菲律宾. Over the last several years I have had many wonderful opportunities to work with the LDS Scouting program. Here are some of my thoughts regarding my experience.

1. 部队 91 在台北, 台湾

部队 91 is the oldest BSA troop in Taiwan and the only remaining legacy troop from the days that the US military was there. Prior to 1979, all BSA troops in Taiwan were chartered by the Department of Defense. When the US military left Taiwan in 1979 和 1980, 被移交给文职政府控制的唯一队伍是部队 91, 这被附加到台北美国学校 (以前部的防空学校在台北). 部队 91 也有的馈线幼年童子军, 包 91. Both units are currently chartered by the Taipei Youth Program Association (TAS), 一个组织,它提供了运动和其他活动 (主要) 较低的学校和中学儿童免受 TAS 和台北地区北部其他学校.

This is my twelfth year as a Scout leader in Taiwan. During that time, 在所有的前几年 (据我所知), there have always been LDS Scouts and Scouters in both the pack and the troop. One of my predecessors as Cubmaster of the pack had served as the bishop of the English-speaking ward in Taipei. His wife served as my committee chair for the five years I was Scoutmaster of Troop 91, 并将继续担任此职的这一天 (事实上, 是聘用了她作为委员会主席). At present, 部队委员会主席, 童子军领队, 和单位专员是所有圣徒, most of them with stake-level responsibilities. I once asked my successor (当前的 SM, 布莱恩 · 克里斯滕森) why the local ward did not have its own Scout troop. He responded that during his term as bishop there had been a discussion of that issue, 但病房的高级领导人已经确定,包装和部队派遣国 91 服务间病房的需要 ’ s 男青年, and there was therefore no need to create a new troop. A similar conclusion had apparently been reached by the bishop who preceded me as Cubmaster.

部队之间的关系 91 和它 ’ s LDS 成员能够最好被描述为一个无缝的共生, 特点是灵活性, 宽容, and a recognition that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Specific examples:

Eagle Project 115-two Scouts

A. All of our campouts begin on Fridays. While some of the campouts are two nights, we assist the LDS Scouts and Scouters with whatever travel arrangements they need to get home on Saturday so that they can attend church on Sunday. I have also offered to allow the LDS Scouts and Scouters to hold their own service on Sundays if the event is outside Taiwan, 或者甚至不能放在一起,LDS 童军和 Scouters 可以参与不同信仰间服务.


B. The Young Men’s group includes a weekly troop meeting in addition to their three-hour Sunday routine. 所以, 他们在教会里有三个小时, 一小时后教堂和一个小时 (真的一个半小时) on Tuesday evening. The Young Men leaders usually volunteer as assistant Scoutmasters (Asm), 所以这种运作良好.


C. We have previously, 在主教的要求, 放置所有的 LDS 童子军某些年龄组中相同的巡逻, 并任命 LDS 助理教练一起巡逻 (在我军每次巡逻有分配给它一个 ASM). In exchange, we have asked the bishop to make sure that all of the boys in the patrol are treated equally in terms of opportunities for rank advancement and leadership. This arrangement has always worked out well.


D. We emphasize both aspects of Reverence—adherence to one’s own religious practices and respect for the religious practices of others—in the operation of the troop. This may be somewhat easier in a community like ours, 作为我们的队伍有七个不同的民族或种族 (美国, 加拿大, 台湾, 葡萄牙, 印度, 韩国, 与中国内地) 和至少 8 个不同的宗教团体 (LDS, 罗马天主教, 印度教, 佛教, 道教, 当地的民俗宗教, and at least two different brands of Protestantism). 的 “彩虹” 我们部队人口的方面, and the wildly divergent theologies represented by our religious groups, 对任何一个宗教的传统偏见很难, 如果不是不可能,.

Eagle Project 180-past bishops

E. All Scouters take the view that the most important value is the good of the troop, 并确保男孩有正面, 丰富, 有意义, and fun Scouting experience in the troop. Any Scouter who is discovered not to share that value is prevailed upon to hand their position to someone else.


F. We do not differentiate service projects by whether or not they are being organized by an LDS Scout or a non-LDS Scout. All projects receive equal advertising within the troop and as a result we have massive turn-outs for all of our service projects (事实上, 病房 ’ s 女青年组织自愿来准备我的儿子在午餐 ’ s 鹰级童子军项目). Our biggest projects are often the ones organized by the LDS Scouts because they can also call on the ward for additional volunteers; LDS 童子军和 Scouters 经常为转而来 所有 我们的项目.


G. There is a common understanding that the troop is off-limits for evangelism and proselytizing. This understanding is not directed at any one religious group (所有组都愿意散布他们的福音), 并给出我们宗教的多样性,这并不是困难的理解,以保持和 “强制执行。” 话虽这么说, LDS 病房经常邀请任何感兴趣的球探去参加, 或只是来看, 他们每年的圣诞庆典, which used to be held in a public park here in Taipei and is now held on the grounds of the Taipei Temple. We award service hours to any Scouts who participate in either setting up, 取下, or acting in the pageant. When it was held in a public park, 我们也用来睡觉要劝阻破坏的集, 赢得孩子们两个服务时间的东西 a camping night. I played the innkeeper three years in a row and my son was the innkeeper’s son one year. Lots and lots of fun!


H. As Scoutmaster, 我做了一切我能试着去了解这两个教会的耶稣基督后期圣徒 (简称为"教会") and the relationship between the Church and the BSA. This inquiry has extended over a long period of years, 有很多与部队的对话 ’ s LDS Scouters 和一个自行车朋友是病房里的成员 (你可以学到很多在 100 k 骑车!). This has been quite a journey for me, 没有人支持波塞军侦察赞赏从而, 无论是内部还是美国以外的国家, more than the Church.Eagle Project 281-Andy & LDS Scout


2. The Troop in Singapore


几年前, 我教给一群成年人在我们理事会 camporee 在清迈 SM/ASM 领袖具体培训, 泰国. After one of the sessions, a young ASM from a troop in Singapore approached me about some comments I had made about the troop’s relationship with the local LDS ward. He wondered how LDS Scouts could maintain their identity as LDS members but join a troop which was not chartered by the Church.


我基本上通过点 A — — D 以上陪他一起, 并强调 E 点的重要性, for both the LDS Scouts/Scouters and the non-LDS Scouts/Scouters. I also shared with him my view that each local ward must make a decision as to whether or not it is possible for the ward, 由本身, to provide the same program with the same resource support as the local non-LDS troop. LDS Scouters who lived in the States prior to living in Taiwan have all uniformly told me that Troop 91 has an A-list outdoor and advancement program, providing opportunities for our Scouts that mainland US troops could only dream of, and I hope that is one of the values that the local ward sees in staying with Troop 91. I suggested to the young ASM that, 在所有的可能性, 病房的综合的资源和部队的非 LDS 组件可能可以提供一个非凡的程序,会比什么或者能做对他们自己更好.


我还提醒他, 然而, 那如果病房有具体关注问题, then those should be discussed with the existing troop leadership. 以我的经验, 目的的通用性和灵活性的态度可以完成大量任务.


我们过几天的课程中的几个更多的讨论, most of which were along the lines of what I have outlined above. I have never heard back from him, 但我注意到在新加坡是没有 LDS 赞助的部队, so I assume that the ward and the troop were able to come to some kind of understanding. I hope so; 我会考虑的一个积极的结果.


我感谢 LDS 童子军和 Scouters 与我联系,希望我们会有许多更美好的将来侦察的机会.

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  1. 兰迪 · 索伦森 说:

    How cool is that!!!!!

    1. Mac 麦金太尔 说:

      条例草案, thanks for sharing your experience. It’s always wonderful to hear how other units are organized. I’ve sometimes wondered if our boys might be better served by joining non-LDS Scouting units.

  2. 尼尔·罗比森 说:

    条例草案 – thanks so much for all of your hard work in building the Scouting program in Taiwan and throughout Asia. I’m really impressed with what you’ve accomplishedand I sure appreciate how inclusive you’ve taught all of those Scouts to be. You’re a great example!

  3. Priscilla Thompson 说:

    条例草案 – Thanks you for working with such a fine program as Scouting and doing so much to help boys in the Far East region. I’m in the Cascade-Pacific Council and a trainer. I’ll be coming to Japan in July-Aug for a visit and the World Jamboree. As you know there are changes coming to the Cub Scout And Boy Scout programs. I would be more than happy to present this information to leaders coming a few days early or staying a day or two after the Jamboree, I’ll be in Yokosuka prior to the Jamboree and not sure where yet for three days afterwards.
    I’m looking forward to my trip and extending the hand of friendship. Please PM me if you are interested.

  4. Donald Welch 说:

    Hey Bill,
    Great work there in Taiwan. I was awarded my Eagle Scout in 1975 from Troop 91. Went on to become the OA Chapter Chief there as well. My father was the Scoutmaster Norm Welch (74-77) founder of the 50 MilerSilver Moccasinhike from East coast to West coast of Taiwan, which I did twice. Drop a line, tell you all about it. In PI, 部队 458 lending a hand where I can for Edgar. First meeting for me was today
    with OA.


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