Stan ’ s EYO 博客 #26: 夏季欢乐时光!

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这是夏季和一个伟大的时间让你的十一岁 (EYO) 在户外童子军. 远足, 壮观景色, 跳过流, 看到的野生动物, 发现一个鸟巢, 营火, 和观星是您EYO童子军所有伟大的活动. 在七月 9 八月 6 会有一个满月, so the weekends of July 8 八月 5 are great evenings to have your EYO Scouts in the outdoors.

Not every evening adventure needs to and can be an overnight adventure (LDS eleven-year-old Scouts are limited to three one-night camps a year; 请参见 童子军手册 6.2). 作为 EYO 童军领袖, I often planned for outings that would conclude around 9:00 或 9:30 下午点。. in the summer—long enough for the sun to go down and the moon to come up. Sitting by a lake or the ocean as the moon rises and glimmers on the water with dazzling color is something a young EYO Scout will remember for a long time, if not for the rest of his life. As you look to plan your summertime adventures, see if you can schedule your outings around moon rises and capture the imagination of your young Scouts.

Viewing the Lord’s creations in all their majesty is a perfect setting to begin gospel discussions with your Scouts. At times like this I have used the power of suggestion to get my young EYO Scouts to express their feelings by simple expressions such as: “Aren’t the Lord’s creations amazing!” or “I’m overwhelmed right now as I look at what the Lord created! 你怎么样?” In the cool of the evening under a rising moon, their thoughts will turn to what you suggested and you can begin the conversation. Listen to learn! Ask Bobby what he thinks; then ask Jonah. You will hear sweet testimonies from them, often a reflection of their teachings at home. You will have set the stage for them to confirm in themselves that they truly have a testimony of the gospel.

When we are in the city, our homes, or Church buildings, we are in man’s creations. But when we take our EYO Scouts into a natural surrounding—be it forest, meadow, shoreline or mountain ridge—we are in God’s creations. The Spirit is strong and easily felt. These settings become opportunities to share the gospel with your EYO Scouts.

All this takes planning on your part. If these dates do not work, you might try to schedule your outings at the end of June, 7 月, or August when the moon is in the first quarter—perfect for a night hike. Hiking along a well-established trail or along a shoreline under the moon with your flashlights turned off is an amazing experience for your Scouts. The waxing half-moon is usually sufficiently bright to see and navigate, even with a little cloud cover. I recall one such hike where the EYO Scout patrol walked with me along a logging road in the Virginia forest. We came to a point along the road and I asked the Scouts to stop and just listen and observe. I had chosen this spot because I saw the moonlight filtering through a grove of trees next to the road. Sure enough, after allowing for a contemplative pause of about five minutes, I asked the boys their thoughts. One EYO Scout volunteered that the moonlight in the trees reminded him of Joseph Smith’s First Vision. You could feel the rush of the Holy Spirit as several of the Scouts had tears in their eyes. It was a remarkable moment.

Moments like these happen because the EYO Scout leader sets the stage for the EYO Scouts not to just appreciate nature, but also to relate that appreciation to the Creation. Make sure you not only plan great Scout outings for your EYO Scouts each month of the summer, but also conduct your planning in such a way that magical spiritual moments happen for the youth under your charge.

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  1. 迈克 说:

    Wonderful post! Brings back so many great memories. How much I miss those years spent with the young men camping, 徒步旅行, biking, 皮划艇, talking around the campfires, watching the late night shooting stars, and pondering the Lord’s creation in the outdoors. I think I was blessed more by their shared testimonies and lives than they were by mine. I have truly been blessed to see them grow up into righteous husbands, 父亲, and leaders in the church and community.

  2. Bill Moore 说:

    I had just moved from a Regional assignment to take on a 1st year scout unit in 1981 when the limited campouts was started. Elder Featherstone used us among others to test out the program. I didn’t like that limitation but was stuck with it. The workaround were evening camps to put into practice what was learned during the month. We broke camp at 9 下午. Glad to see others are like minded.


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