Mac ’ s 消息 #82: 不要将路径

Mac 麦金太尔

今天,每个人都似乎是熟悉的书, 霍比特人, 即使只从看过的电影霍比特人三部曲. 在一个通道, 甘道夫从比尔博和幽暗密林森林边缘的小矮人分离去杀死龙. 之前,他离开, 甘道夫叶严厉警告, “Don’t leave the path.”

Ever since some policy changes were implemented within the Boy Scouts of America and the announcement of the discontinuance of the Varsity and Venturing programs in the Church, some stake and ward adult Aaronic Priesthood leaders seem to have lost their way. Repeatedly I’ve heard this puzzled inquiry from priesthood leaders, “What do we do now?”

The path for developing our young men in the Aaronic Priesthood program used to be very clear. Accomplishing the eight purposes of the Aaronic Priesthood was the goal. 个性发展, 公民身份, and fitness were our aims. Our methods were to put the boys into small groups so they could develop their leadership skills, work on advancement, associate with adults, and grow personally by modeling certain ideals. We got the young men involved in outdoor activities that tested their mettle. We even encouraged them to wear uniforms that would give them a unique identity and make them stand out as a visible force for good.

We wanted our young men to be honorable. We expected our youth to do their best to do their duty to God, 对他们的国家, 和他们的人. We encouraged them to help other people at all times. And we expected them to keep themselves physically strong, 弱智醒, 而在道义上直.

We sought to instill the values of being trustworthy, 忠诚, 乐于助人, 友好, 有礼貌, 种, 听话, 性格开朗, 节俭, 勇敢, 清洁, 和虔诚. We wanted our young men to always be prepared and to find a way to do a good turn daily. We even had them raise their right arm to the square and pledge that they would do so. We repeatedly emphasized these ideals week after week hoping the reiteration would firmly plant these qualities within our youth.

To those who may think the Young Men program in the Church has changed, I would admonish you to not leave the path. There is no reason to wander off into a fog of disorganization, lack of focus, or purposeless activity that merely entertains or occupies the time of your young men. The path is still there. The aims have not changed. The methods can still be used. The values and ideals remain relevant. The need for repetition and weekly reinforcement is essential.

I encourage you to evaluate your current Young Men program and activities. I invite you to carefully and prayerfully re-read the paragraphs above to see if you’ve left the path. 如果你有, danger lurks ahead.

Your Heavenly Father has entrusted you with the development of his precious young men. He is counting on you to magnify your calling and do all you can to save the young men under your stewardship. The purposes and outcomes of the Aaronic Priesthood have not changed. We hear echoes of the Lord’s counsel to us when Gandalf stresses to the Hobbit, “No matter what may come, stay on the path.”



  • Are you on the right path in your Aaronic Priesthood program and activities?
  • Do you have a clear purpose, a well-thought-out plan, and specific methods to achieve your desired outcomes?
  • Will the things you are doing help to save your boys?
  • Are you instilling within your young men the qualities and characteristics that will help them to become effective missionaries, 丈夫, 父亲, 和祭司的职任领导人?



  • 你会开始做什么, 停止做, 或做得更好,因为你的倒影?

“Teach me thy way, 主啊, and lead me in a plain path” (诗篇 27:11).


Mac McIntire is a dedicated Scouter who has blessed many lives through his service and an acute understanding of the Scouting program. 他目前住在拉斯维加斯, 内华达州. 此消息中表示的意见只是那些作者.

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  1. Jace 说:

    Those that probably need to read this the most will never see it or will ignore its words of wisdom.

  2. 优秀. Succinct. Appropriate.

  3. 谢普·库斯特 说:

    I am forwarding this message to all of our YM leaders. 是啊, we have said all this, but maybe hearing it from you, someone outside our area, will gain more traction.

    If westay on the path”, our YM will follow. If we wander off, our YM will be lost right along side us.

    Thank you for giving us this message! 说得好.

  4. Great points, Mac! Another great blog post to help us on our way down the path. Much appreciated.


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